2007 Winners

Winners of the 2007 SA Media Awards follow:

Gold awards

  • Journalist of the Year
    Mike Smithson,
    Channel Seven Adelaide & Sunday Mail
  • Hall of Fame
    Max Fatchen
    Kevin Crease

Silver Awards

  • Best Print Journalist
    Hendrik Gout, The Independent Weekly
  • Best Photographer
    Jo-Anna Robinson, Sunday Mail
  • Best Radio Broadcaster
    Sharon Mascall, Freelance journalist
  • Best TV Broadcaster
    Chris Campey, Network Ten Adelaide
  • Best Young Journalist (new award)
    Caroline Kelly, Channel Seven Adelaide
  • Julie Duncan Memorial Award for Best Journalism Student
    Lisa Maksimovic, ABC

Bronze Awards

  • Print, Online & Wire Best News Report
    Hendrik Gout, The Independent Weekly, "Breaking the Silence"
  • Print, Online & Wire Best News Feature
    Verity Edwards, The Australian, "Maralinga Fallout"
  • Print, Online & Wire Best Lifestyle Feature
    Brad Crouch, Sunday Mail, "To Africa with Devotion"
  • Print, Online & Wire Best Three Headings
    Derek Pedley, The Advertiser, "Human Headlines"
  • Print, Online & Wire Best Page Layout
    Ray Hirst, The Advertiser, "Young Talent Team"
  • Best News Photo or Photo Series
    Sarah Reed, The Advertiser, "Vanstone"
  • Best Sport Photo or Photo Series,
    Jo-Anna Robinson, Sunday Mail, "Agony & Ecstasy"
  • Best Feature Photo or Photo Series
    Grant Nowell, The Advertiser, "Desert Textures"
  • Best Radio News Reporting
    Jason Om, ABC, "Various"
  • Best Radio Current Affairs Report
    Iskhandar Razak, ABC, "Food in the APY Lands"
  • Best Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special
    Sharon Mascall, Freelance Journalist, "Wildfire"
  • Best Television News Report
    Mike Smithson, Channel Seven Adelaide, "Wistow Road"
  • Best Television Current Affairs Report
    Graham Archer, Channel Seven Adelaide, "Medical Board Result"
  • Best Television Feature, Documentary or Special
    Graham Archer, Channel Seven Adelaide, "The Ice Factor"
    Travis Levi, Channel Seven Adelaide, "The Ice Factor"
  • Best Television News or Current Affairs Camera
    Lennon Cooper, Freelance, "Pathways to the NBA"
  • Best Editorial Artist
    Steven Grice, The Advertiser, "Various"
  • Comentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique (new award)
    Mike Smithson, Sunday Mail, "Question Time"
  • Best Coverage of Suburban Affairs
    Tanya Westthorp, Messenger Newspapers, "It\'s Reigning Men"
  • Best Coverage of Rural/Regional Affairs
    Jack Kerr, ABC, "SA - from Corner to Corner"
  • Best Coverage of Social Equity Affairs
    Jayne Stinson, ABC, " Homeless Legal"
  • Best Coverage of Sport
    Andrew Capel, The Advertiser, "Doing if for Dad"
  • Best Coverage of Youth Affairs (new award)
    Graham Archer, Channel Seven Adelaide, "The Ice Factor"
    Travis Levi, Channel, Seven Adelaide, "The Ice Factor"
  • Best Public Relations Campaign
    Peter Adams, Safework SA, "Challenges, Crises and Change"
  • Best Freelance Contribution
    Sharon Mascall, Freelance journalist, "Bushfire Coverage"


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