2015 SA Media Awards

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Welcome to the 2015 SA Media Awards


Samela Harris, Media Section President MEAA, SA Media Awards Chair

"The SA Media Ball has become one of the most glittering events on the calendar, which says something in a Festival city which does a lot of partying.

It comes as the champagne moment, which acknowledges another year of high-pressured work in a profession which deals with what are often the hard and troubling aspects of modern life.  

As a fairly long-serving member of the SA Media Awards Advisory panel, I have found the business of assessing entries to the awards profoundly uplifting. It assures me that good quality journalism is alive and well, that its practitioners are as whip smart as they are compassionate, that their analytical skills are well-honed and their use of the language is informed and also, in appropriate contexts, vivid.

The photographic entries into these awards are always breathtaking. Fleet-footed while burdened with equipment, our print and TV 'togs manage to record pivotal instants of history. Wise to the mysteries of light, they create sheer art in photographing food, fashion, theatre, environment...

Here, at the Media Awards, all this expertise and experience are celebrated. Brave exposes and intrepid investigative work is given its due. Eloquent commentaries are cheered. Young journalists get their first boosts of professional recognition. The imagination and ingenuity of illustrators and cartoonists is saluted.  The verbal acrobatics and slick thinking of subeditors on deadlines is acknowledged and the lifetime contributions of distinguished veterans are recognised.

We are a special workforce with immense powers and responsibility. We take this very seriously. So, when we let our hair down, we do it  with absolute expertise and lots of panache. This is why the Media Awards Ball has become known as Adelaide's night of nights.

Get your entries in now - and I hope to see you all there. "